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  • How to Register Court Marriage in India?
    Ans. There are two main categories under which you can register a marriage in India. Which comes under law and marriage is considered legal whole over the world. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: If the couple both are Hindus or Buddhists or Jains or Sikhs they can register their marriage in this act. The Special Marriage Act 1954: For example, if the husband is Hindu and wife is Buddhists, Jains, or Sikh. Then can register their marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Marriage Registration in India can be done online by yourself. But here the Documents Advisor provides you services regarding marriage registration online. This is done in the legal process and there is no chance of fraud in our work. Our document advisor agency is well known in India and known for transparent work. On behalf of you, Document Advisor will register your marriage legally. We provide services like marriage registration and marriage certificate etc.